Learn To Ride Programs

This Equine Canada Program currently in use is called English Rider Preparation 1-3.
The National Coaching Committee has approved the use of the new Rider 1-8 certification program as a Pilot program to replace the current Rider 1-3 program. This new program will be implemented in BC as a Pilot in limited use starting in May of 2005 and will be fully integrated by March of 2007. Coaches that have taken the Rider 1-8 seminar can use this Pilot program for their students, otherwise all riders will continue with the 1-3 program until the new program is fully developed. Students can move seamlessly from the 1-3 program to the 1-8 program if they choose to. The two programs are similar in outcome, with the 1-8 testing in smaller increments.
The objective was to create a national program that offers achievement levels for all riders from recreation to competitive. The program encourages all riders to ride, learn and enjoy the sport of riding and promote continuous and progressive path of learning towards safe and knowledgeable horsemanship. By offering various attainable levels of achievement that are recognized by certificates, the program encourages participants to continue furthering their education. It is also a preparation  for future instructors and coaches. At each level the candidate must successfully complete a written, practical and riding test. The English Rider Preparation program is a pre-requisite for the EC English Instructor and Coach 1 exams.

Western Learn to Ride 1-4 Program

The Equine Canada Western Learn to Ride Program was developed for those individuals who wish to learn safe horsemanship skills and practices on a national standard under the guidance of a certified Equine Canada Western Coach. The purpose of this program is to provide new riders with a safe and knowledgeable introduction to Western Riding. The Western Learn to Ride Program was developed following definite objectives set forth in order to organize basic western riding skills and to assure a standardization of these same skills. This program is also a pre-requisite in preparation for the Provincial Basic Instructor Western certification and EC Western Coach 1 certification. At each level the candidate must successfully complete a written, practical and riding test.

Western Intermediate Rider Program

The Western Intermediate Rider Program consists of eight components that cover all aspects of Western Riding. These components develop the riders skills in a variety of areas as well as prepare the rider for competition at recognized shows. The completion of the General Component is a pre-requisite for Western Coach 1 and the completion of any of the other 7 components is a pre-requisite for Western Coach 2.  The program must be taught by a Certified EC Western Coach 2 and examined by Western Coach 2 other than the teaching coach.  The eight components are: General Performance, Horsemanship, Showmanship, Western Pleasure, Trail, Western Riding, Speed Events,  and Reining.