Coaching in BC


Learn to Ride Programs
HCBC administers the English Learn to Ride 1-8 Program and the Western Rider 1-4 Program. These programs are preparatory for becoming a Certified Coach or Instructor, but are also excellent goal-setting tools for coaches and riders alike.

Instructor Programs
HCBC administers the Equine Canada English Instructor certification as well as the Provincial Basic Instructor Western Program. These programs are for people 16 years of age and older who want to teach beginners or assist at lesson stables. This program is not intended for individuals who wish to teach competitors. The goal of  the instructor program is to develop an instructor who is capable of teaching at the beginner level, primarily on the flat, in a safe and constructive fashion. It also acts as an introduction to the EC Coaching Program.

Equine Canada Coaching Programs
HCBC administers the Equine Canada English Coaching, Western Coaching, Saddleseat Coaching and Driving Coaching Programs on behalf of EC for Coach 1 and Coach 2. Coach 3 and above are administered by Equine Canada.

Other Coaching Programs
HCBC recognizes Vault Canada Coaching (will begin administration in 2005/2006), Canadian Therapeutic Coaching (CANTRA), Certified Horsemanship Association Instructors and Coaches,  and International Passport Coaches.

Certified Coaches and Instructors in BC
Here you will find lists and contacts for Current, Certified, Active Coaches and Instructors in BC recognized by Horse Council BC

Course, Clinic, Seminar, Evaluation, Examination and Assessment Dates
Here you will find a listing of upcoming events important to Coach Candidates and Coaches.

National and Provincial Coaching News
Here you will find notes,news,  information, minutes and much more from the National Coaching Commitees.

The Coaches Corner
Here you will find articles of interest to Coaches involving safety, coaching tips, nutrition, and many more.

Keeping Current
Here you will find all the information on how to stay considered "current" as a Certified Coach